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Plagiarism Policy

       Whether Intentional or not, plagiarism is a serious violation. Plagiarism involves copying of ideas, text, data and other creative work (e.g. tables, figures and graphs) and presenting them as original research without proper citation. The editorial board defines plagiarism as a case in which a paper summited for publication results to at least 25% similarity with online published articles and without proper citation.


       If evidence of plagiarism is found before/after acceptance or after publication of the paper, then author will be offered a chance for rebuttal. If the the arguments are not found to be satisfactory, the manuscript will be retracted and the author is sanctioned from publishing papers for a period to determined by the editorial board.

     To ensure that all articles published in this article comply with the plagiarism policy of the journal, all articles submitted for publication will be subjected to a proprietary anti-plagiarism checker software.